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Water the Earth

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Water the Earth
Dear Friends,
I love the month of September at Living Word because we get to live up to our name to the fullest.  In September, all our opportunities for studying God’s Living Word are ready for a new season.  
Living Word Lutheran Preschool has begun the new school year.  Thirty-eight (so far) 15-month-olds through pre-Kindergarten 5-year-olds have begun another year of learning the wisdom and knowledge to prepare them to continue their educational career – wisdom and knowledge that all comes from God.  We get to have them learn it as we center in God’s Word.
Sunday School starts the new season with an exciting new curriculum.  Sunday School kids will work their way through the Bible.  The amazing Bible accounts of creation and the accounts of the happenings in the early history and people of the world complete with God’s provision and plan for the world will be taken up from God’s Word during the month of September.  Classes begin at 8:45 AM in the Sanctuary for opening with music.
Different Bible studies are available during the week for those who can attend.  These include the Senior Group Study which meets on Thursdays at 1 PM to study the book of Luke.  The group is somewhat lax on any required age to be able to join.  In fact, they really prefer to be called the “Fun Bunch” because that is what they are!
I plan to resume the Friday morning at 9:30 Bible Study either the 22nd or the 29th.  This group will explore the mysterious, prophetical, visions of Daniel.
On Sundays, at 8:45 AM, there are 4 adult Bible Classes to choose from.  Upstairs, there is a Woman’s Bible Class, a LifeLight study of a book of the Bible, and a study made up of Parents with Kids at home and my Bible Class in the Fellowship Hall which will be studying Paul’s letter to Titus.  Guest pastors will lead the class until either the 3rd or the 4th Sunday of September, then I plan to return to leading it.
Confirmation Class, where our 7th and 8th Graders study the main teachings of the Living Word of God, will begin a couple of weeks later than usual this year, on September 20. Class begins at 7 and will end by 8:15 PM with a devotion followed by class time. This year we will involve parents more in the process.  Passing on the faith to the next generation is what parents are given to do according to God’s Living Word.  Parents will get to attend class with their youth and work on brief assignments at home with them to help explain the teachings and review it with them.  This year, we will study, The Lord’s Prayer, Holy Baptism, Confession and the Office of the Keys, and The Lord’s Supper.
Discovery Class is an Adult Class that studies the main teachings of God’s Word.  This class will meet on Sundays from 1-3 PM beginning on the first Sunday in October.  It is for those who would like to join our congregation membership, especially if coming from a different denomination, to help understand what we teach.  It is also for anyone interested in studying the central teachings of the Christian Faith.
OCTOBER 31, 2017 MARKS THE 500TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE REFORMATION!!!  To prepare for our celebration that will include a festive church service with special music and celebration, and an Oktoberfest meal and festivities afterward, for the first four Sundays in October my Adult Bible Class will have a Reformation Bible Study covering some of the pertinent history and the vital teachings that were central to the Reformation.  
In the first class, on October 1st, we will look at Luther’s Tower Experience and his wrestling and discovery with Romans 1:16-17 and other pertinent passages during 1513-1516.  On October 8th, we will look at the events and false teachings that led to Luther nailing the 95 Theses on the Church door in Wittenberg and observe what the 95 Theses were about, all from the year 1517.  On October 15th, we will explore Luther being banished, labelled a criminal, being kidnapped, and kept in protective hiding, during which time and beyond, God used Luther to produce some amazing writings concerning the teachings of the Bible from the years 1520-1529.  Then, on October 22nd we will study the central teaching of the Christian Faith upon which the Church stands or it falls.  This is the teaching that was fought for throughout the Reformation, the Doctrine of Justification as confessed in the Augsburg Confession of 1530.  It’s amazing how much took place during 17 years of history!  Hope to see you in class.
God bless your September. 
In Christ,
Pastor Quinn
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