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Love Is...

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Love Is...

Dear Friends,

The above verses give us a picture of what God is like, because God is love.  It is the love of God that rescues us from our sins of unlovingness.  It is the love of God, most clearly seen in Jesus, that restores us, recreates us, makes us brand new, AND enables us to love others with the love of God.  

It has been such a joy for me to see this love of God in you as you care for me and my family during this time of my illness.  Your genuine acts of kindness and caring are reflections of God’s love through you to me.  Your prayers, cards, gifts, and other acts of kindness all add up to being faith active in love.  And it is God’s love.  
I really enjoy wrapping up in the quilt you gave me.  When I do, I am, in a sense, being covered by your prayers.  And I receive God’s love through you.  Thank you so much for letting your faith show on me and my family. 

Here is an update on where we stand in the process of my healing. My treatment is now complete.  I underwent 5 Chemotherapy treatments before starting radiation.  I underwent 44 radiation treatments in 22 days.  During that time, I also underwent 5 more chemotherapy treatments.  My last radiation treatment was on Thursday, June 29th.  

Since then I have been recovering from the treatments.  The effects of the treatments are still active.  My skin is undergoing some painful burning on my neck.  My throat deep inside is also quite sore from burning as well.  Accompanying my burning throat is mucous build up which is one of the body’s ways of trying to soothe the burn.  The problem is, the little hairs that are supposed to work the mucous up are also burned.  I take meds to bring that up.  I use different creams to ease the pain of my raw neck.  I also take pain medicine for my throat.  So far, I have had enough different medicines to keep me comfortable in the middle of all these effects from the treatment.  God is working through it all to bring about His healing.

These effects from the treatment are from the radiation still being at work to accomplish its task of killing the mass in my neck.  It will continue to be at work for about six weeks after treatment is completed.  There is no way to know how successful it was until after that time is complete.  On Tuesday, August 8th I will have a CT Scan to see what the results of the treatment have been.  On August 9th, I will meet with my doctor(s) to discuss those results.  We pray the treatments were completely successful.  If there is still some cancer present, there will be another plan of attack for that, but we pray that is not the case.

During the time of my treatment and recovery I have been seeking to provide you with a variety of fine preachers to help me with the services.  At the time of this writing, I only have one for August so far, but I will be finding others to fill in the Sundays.  

I wanted to alert you to a special opportunity you have on Sunday, August 6th.  We will have the teaching pastor from Salem Lutheran Church with us.  Pastor Doug Dommer will be leading the Adult Bible class.  He will be using the materials we have been studying as we cover the Epistles, but he has also made the offer to discuss and answer any questions any of you might have about our Lutheran teachings and their applications.  Pastor Dommer is well-studied in a variety of areas from family life issues to the history and practice of worship in the Lutheran Church.  Come and bring your questions.  It should be a great class.  Pastor Dommer will also preach the sermon and have the children’s message during the service which starts at 10.


Pastor Quinn

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