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And He makes our paths straight

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And He makes our paths straight

Dear Friends,
This is a great verse to live by!  The LORD has the plan for our lives.  We trust in Him every step of the way.  And He makes our paths straight.  It’s when we start trying to lean on our own understanding during our journey, that our paths become crooked.  As we trust in the LORD with all our hearts, we also depend on His promises through our lives, that He will never leave us nor forsake us, that He will work all things out for our good, that He has a place reserved for us in Heaven that we can rejoice in every step of our journey in this life, and though it may be necessary to face trials God even uses those to refine our faith to trust in Him with all our heart.
As you may have guessed, this passage has meant a lot to me as of late.  As most of you know, I am battling Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer.  I am very blessed to live here so close to MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I believe that, though the biggest reason is you, one reason the LORD directed my path here was to be close to MD Anderson for a time such as this.
Here is an update as to where I am regarding my treatment.  While we were praying that my chemotherapy treatments would shrink the mass in my neck to make it operable, that didn’t happen.  While that was our best option, it is not our only option.  We have moved to Plan B.
Plan B is to be very aggressive with radiation treatments combined with chemotherapy to kill the cancer.  I will be undergoing radiation treatments twice a day for five days a week, from June 1 through (at least) July 3.  Along with that I will be undergoing chemotherapy treatments once a week.  The chemo mixture has been switched to a kind that works well with radiation.
While undergoing these multiple treatments, I have found a place to stay near the Medical Center during the week, so that I can work off site, and be able to take a nap when necessary without my snoring bothering Mark in the front office!  Even more importantly, it would cut down on all the driving back and forth so that I can have more time to work and rest as needed.  I will come back home on the weekends for church, since everyone knows that a pastor only works on Sundays anyway.  
Some of you have pointed out that MD Anderson has a satellite location here in The Woodlands that does Radiation and Chemotherapy.  While that would be more convenient, since I have a rare form of cancer and since the Doctors the LORD has provided are experts in it, I would like to continue to be under their care.
During this time when I can do less, I have tried to provide you with a variety of very fine preachers to take my place.  I will be involving a few more as we go.  Pastor Walquist is a God-send.  You will also be seeing more of him.  I promise that I, too, will preach occasionally as I am able.  When I don’t, my plan is to do liturgy and the children’s message.   
I cannot thank you enough for your prayers, your caring, your acts of kindness, your encouragement, your patience, and your love, all of which come from the LORD through you.  
God bless you!
In Christ,
Pastor Quinn

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