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Not Guilty!

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Not Guilty!

Dear Friends,

During April this year we get to see first hand why Jesus is indeed our Lord and our God!  We conclude the season of Lent where we reflect on our need to be rescued from God’s judgment we deserve because of our sins and how through the suffering of Jesus in our place we are declared to be NOT GUILTY.  We see it in Jesus’ final teachings while on earth, His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, His sufferings and death, and His glorious resurrection.  This year all of that will be jam packed into the month of April.

On April 3rd we continue our mid-week series, “Convicted,” where the crime Obstruction of Justice will be tried and both Pontius Pilate and we will be found to be guilty, but because of Jesus and His suffering, death, and resurrection, we will be declared to be Not Guilty.

On April 7th the Gospel reading is Luke 20:9-20 where Jesus tells the parable of the wicked tenants, which accuses the leaders of the church of their sins against God, mistreating the prophets and killing His Son.  This, to give them one more chance to repent.  We see the love and patience of Jesus that He also shows to us.

On April 10th we will have the last mid-week Lent service where the crime of Rebellion will be tried and both Barabbas and we will be found to be guilty.  But just as Barabbas was released and Jesus died in his place, so we are set free from our sins because Jesus died in our place.

April 14th is Palm Sunday.  We will begin the service in the Fellowship Hall with Confession and Absolution, Prayer and the reading of the Palm Sunday account from St. Luke.  Then we will process with Palm Branches into the sanctuary and prepare to have the entire Passion Account presented by the choir with the Cantata entitled, “I Am the Lord of the Dance.”  “Lord of the Dance” is a metaphor for the life of Jesus, and especially for all that He has done to accomplish our salvation as will be made clear in this powerful proclamation by our choir.  Following the presentation of the Word by the choir, we will continue with the Service of the Sacrament.

April 18th is Maundy Thursday.  The theme is, “Remembrance of Me.”  We will take a look at the Lord’s institution of His Supper.  After receiving it in remembrance of Him, we will strip the altar in preparation for Good Friday.

April 19th is Good Friday.  We will have a service at noon and a service at 7:00.  The evening service will be a Tenebrae Service.  Each service will highlight the words of Jesus from the cross and apply them to our lives.

The Easter Celebration takes place on Sunday, April 21st.  We start with breakfast at 8:45 followed by the Easter Egg Hunt at 9:30. Then will come the celebration of life eternal that Easter brings us.  We will start out in darkness, recalling the gloom of Good Friday over the darkness of our sin.  Then we will burst into the light of our salvation from sin and the gift of everlasting life that Easter secures for us.  Much special music will help us celebrate this Blessed Day!

The Easter Season continues for a week of Sundays (seven).  The Second Sunday of Easter is April 28th where the Gospel reading recounts Jesus’ appearances to His disciples, both on Easter evening and the week after Easter, Thomas being absent at the first one and present at the second.  It was at that appearance of Jesus that Thomas confessed our confession about Jesus – that He is our Lord and our God!  

April looks to be a pretty amazing month for us.  I look forward to journeying through it with you!

God’s richest blessings to y’all!

In Jesus,
Pastor Quinn

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