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A Gift for you

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A Gift for you

Dear Friends,

There are some pretty exciting things happening at Living Word in October.  October 7th is LWML Sunday.  We celebrate the work of the women of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.  Those in this congregation serve through our WOW (Women Of the Word) Group.  

Also beginning on October 7th, we will have a 3-week stewardship emphasis under the theme:  Looking Forward “Experiencing the Joy of God’s Blessings” 1-The Joy of Receiving God’s Blessings, 2- The Joy of Managing God’s Blessings, 3- The Joy in Sharing God’s Blessings.  This will all Culminate in Stewardship Sunday on October 21st.  The three parts of the theme will be studied in the Adult Bible Class in the Fellowship Hall on October 7, 14, and 21.  Please see the Stewardship Committee article in this Newsletter for more details.

Also in October I will be coming back to be able to begin some Bible Studies that have been on hold because of my knee replacement surgery, including a new Discovery Class on Sunday afternoons, and our Friday morning LifeLight Study of Revelation.  Watch bulletins for exact dates as I determine how much I can do how soon.
But the most exciting thing we celebrate in October, is the rediscovery of the central truth of our Christian faith:  That we are saved by God’s grace alone, received through faith alone, as delivered by the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures alone, which is all made possible on account of Christ alone. 

In the first Bible verse listed above, John 17:17, Jesus is asking the Heavenly Father to sanctify those who follow Him.  Sanctify means to make holy.  We are made holy as the unholiness of our sins is removed from us and we are recreated new in Christ.   The means by which Jesus says this happens is by way of the truth, and more specifically, God’s Word is truth.  The central message of God’s Word of truth that makes us holy is recorded in the second Bible verse listed, Ephesians 2:8-10.  

We are saved from our unholy sinfulness by God’s grace.  God’s grace is the gift of His undeserved love for us, purchased by Jesus with His life given in place of ours to rescue us from our sins and the death they would bring upon us.

This grace is received by faith, which is also a gift of God, not something we decide and give ourselves credit for.  This gift of faith believes the truth that our Heavenly Father saves us from our sins because of Jesus.

Faith also receives the makeover we get in Christ as we are recreated in Him by the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to live as His people, walking in newness of life full of good works that He gives us to accomplish every day.

This central truth of our faith is what the Reformation was about.  We get to celebrate it, not just in October, but every day of our lives!

As far as my health goes, my latest scans were clear of cancer.  I continue on the medicines in the clinical trial I am participating in to keep the cancer at bay, either completely or to the point where it can be treated when it should appear again.  

Recovery from my knee replacement surgery is going well as I continue physical therapy.  While I am recovering, the work of the church goes on at Living Word.  I have secured excellent subs to fill in for me.

Have an exciting, blessed October!

In Christ,

Pastor Quinn

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