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For I know the plans I have for you

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For I know the plans I have for you

Dear Friends,
Back in 1978 the Lord had plans for us when some of the members from Resurrection Lutheran Church in Spring wanted to start a new congregation closer to their homes in The Woodlands.  It was in the Lord’s plans for us that Living Word Lutheran Church was begun.  

It was in the Lord’s plans for us that He blessed the congregation with places for worship where He would deliver the blessings of grace through His Word and Sacrament, starting in the village of Grogan’s Mill for some 18 years, then temporarily at Interfaith’s Child development Center in Indian Springs, until the current place was made ready in 1997.  

It was in the Lord’s plans for Living Word that He called Pastors Meyers, Adler, Henning, Franzmeier, Espinosa, Ware, and Quinn to serve His people by providing them with Word and Sacrament as the biggest part of His plan for them for a future and a hope.

The verse from the prophet Jeremiah, stated above, was delivered to God’s people as they were about to be carried off into captivity in Babylon as God’s judgment upon them for their unfaithfulness.  But it was all a part of God’s plans for them.  They would be in exile in Babylon for 70 years.  But God’s plans for them included deliverance and return to the Promised Land where He would provide through them His Son to be the Savior of the World.  

The plans the LORD had for the children of Israel were a part of the plans He has for us, just like the plans He had for the original members of Living Word were a part of the plans He has for us.  Similar to the children of Israel, during the 40 years of Living Word, there have been some tough times, difficulties in the church, often brought on by a lack of faithfulness, usually seen in trying to make what happens a part of OUR plans for Living Word rather than the LORD’s plans for Living Word.

But the LORD works through it all to accomplish the plans He has for us.  The plans the LORD has for us are plans for our welfare and not for evil, to give us a future and a hope.  

That is what the LORD has been doing for 40 years through Living Word Lutheran Church and School in The Woodlands.  He rescues us, His people, from our unfaithfulness by washing us clean from our sins, as we hear His Living Word and Receive His sacraments.  He gives us a future that is everlasting and a hope as we walk in newness of life that He provides us every day on the way to an eternity with Him in the joys of heaven.

On September 23rd we will celebrate 40 years of the plans the LORD has had for us, and continues to have for us.  They are plans for our welfare received in the blessings He provides to us through His Word and Sacraments.  They are the plans He has that He works out for us through the blessings He gives at Living Word Lutheran Church.  The Special Service begins at 10 AM.  A meal and other festivities will follow.

Sometimes the plans God has for us takes us through times of trial.  But even those He uses to work out His plans for us.  Such has been the case with my health difficulties.  The LORD continues to work through them to accomplish good things.  Again, thank you for your prayers and your help in all the other ways you are providing it.  To update you, I just finished four days of radiation.  The radiation doctor believes it should have destroyed the spot that was on my lung.  The radiation doctor also shared his optimism in that, while the cancer I have is one of the fastest growing cancers there is, the growth of the spot on my lung was quite slow (only 1 millimeter since the last CT Scan).  That indicates that the treatments I am undergoing are being effective.

I appreciate your prayers.  The LORD has been providing some amazing answers.

In Christ,
Pastor Quinn

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