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His Life as a Ransom for Many

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His Life as a Ransom for Many

Dear Friends,

The month of March takes us from the middle of the season of Lent to its completion.  There are twice the number of worship Services this month at which we can reflect upon the Sacrifice of Jesus that ransoms us free from our sins and makes us God’s children forever.

In our Gospel reading for Sunday, March 4th (John 2:13-22), Jesus sets the tone by cleansing the temple, proclaiming that it should be a house of prayer rather than a house of buying and selling.

At our Wednesday night service, March 7th, at 7pm, Mary the mother of Jesus (played by Tonya Upton) will be on hand to help us through the theme, “God’s Will and God’s Identity.”  Prior to the Service at 6pm, the Evangelism Board will provide a soup and salad supper.

In our Gospel reading for Sunday, March 11th (John 3:14-21), Jesus proclaims that, just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so would He be lifted up that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.

At our Wednesday night service, March 14th, at 7pm, the Apostle, Paul (played by Mike O’Heron) will be with us to help us with the theme, “God’s Will and My Worldview.”  Prior to the Service, the Youth and the Youth Board will serve Burgers and Hot Dogs from the grill.

In our Gospel reading for Sunday, March 18th (Mark 10:35-45), Jesus informs us that life in His Kingdom is all about serving, as He would provide the greatest service of giving His life to set us free from sin. At our Wednesday evening Service, on March 21st, at 7pm, Lydia (played by Kay Robinson), will be there to explore the theme, “God’s Will and My Response.”  Prior to the service at 6pm, a spaghetti supper will be provided by the elders and their wives.

March 25th is Palm Sunday.  Historically the church service on this day would begin with the Gospel reading from the first Palm Sunday outside the sanctuary followed by a procession with palm branches into the sanctuary for the beginning of Service.  Palm Sunday is also Passion Sunday.  Traditionally, at this service, the entire Passion Account of Jesus’ last days, including His death on Good Friday, is read in its entirety.

This year on Palm Sunday, we will follow that tradition, by meeting before the service in the Fellowship Hall.  There we will have the Palm Sunday readings and a prayer.  Then we will process with Palm Branches into the sanctuary.  Once inside, the entire Passion Account will be presented to us by our Adult Choir singing the Cantata,“Hope in the Shadows,” which will be followed by the Offering, Prayers, and the Service of Holy Communion.

Holy Week will continue with Maundy Thursday service at 7pm on the 29th.  The Gospel reading is Mark’s account of Jesus’ institution of His Supper for us.  The Lord’s Supper will be the theme.  And then at the end of the Service the Altar will be stripped in preparation for Good Friday.

On Good Friday we will have two services, one at Noon and the other at 7pm.  Each service will be basically the same, focusing on the last Words of Jesus from the Cross.  The evening service will be a Tenebrae service ending in darkness as we contemplate the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. 

But as we know, Jesus would rise again from the dead on the 3rd day.  This year that celebration falls on April 1st as we celebrate Jesus’ Easter victory with a special service at 10am filled with music and Alleluias!  Easter Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt will precede the Service.  More details in the next newsletter.

Hope that whets your appetite for all the physical and Spiritual feasting that awaits us this month!  See ya in Church!

Pastor Quinn

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