About Living Word Lutheran Church

We are Living Word Lutheran Church, because the Word of God is alive and active. God’s Spirit works through this Word to give us life. We would be dead in our sins, but God in His great love for us sent His Son to give His life for us to take away our sins. Through His Living Word, God gives us this forgiveness which brings us from death to life.

It is our mission: To proclaim the Living Word of Christ so that all who hear may walk in newness of life.

As hear the Living Word of Christ proclaimed, our sins that would bring us death taken away and we are given new life. We get to walk in, that is, live in, this newness of life as a response to God’s love for us in Christ. What that response looks like is a life of joy, praise, and thanksgiving starting in the worship service and caring on throughout our lives. This celebration of newness of life is most clearly seen as we love others as God has loved us.

Walking in newness of life is all about sharing this love of Christ with all people. In the numerous Bible studies offered at Living Word, both on Sunday mornings and throughout the week, we have the opportunity to take in this love of Christ and to learn how to share it with others as we walk in newness of life.

The Boards and Committees at Living Word walk in the newness of life as they seek to provide opportunities for all of us to share Christ’s love with each other and all people by our words, and especially by our actions.

We walk in newness of life outside the walls of our church as we live as God’s people in all the places God has put us. We share His love in all we do, and in so doing, draw others to Christ, the source of that love.